Krasnokamsky RMZ will represent the In-line Haylage technology at the Russian Field Day and at Agrofest in Perm Krai - KRMZ Innovation
Hot line for forage conservation

Krasnokamsky RMZ will represent the In-line Haylage technology at the Russian Field Day and at Agrofest in Perm Krai

This week Krasnokamsk Machinery and Repair Plant represents the In-line Haylage technology at two large agricultural exhibitions at once: at the Russian Field Day in Leningrad region (10-12 July) and  Agrofest Forum in Perm Krai (10-11 July).
At both events Krasnokamsky RMZ will show agricultural machines intended for forage conservation under the In-line Haylage technology, it will represent a flow of processes performed by them. The In-line Haylage technology allow farmers to overcome difficulties and drawbacks of the traditional system of forage conservation: even under unfavourable weather conditions it is possible to conserve and preserve high-quality grass forage without preservatives.

"Midsummer is the hottest time for field exhibitions of agricultural machinery throughout Russia. We strive to participate in all main exhibitions so that farmers from different regions appraise advantages of our machines. At the Russian Field Day we wait for farmers from the Northwestern Federal District, and Agrofest – farmers from the Kama region, Udmurtia, Kirov region, Dmitry Teplov, Director of Krasnokamsky RMZ tells. – ‘This year summer is very changeable: some regions are overwatered, in others the heat keeps. The In-line Haylage technology comes to the rescue of farmers in both cases as mowing to forage packing takes less than a day".

Krasnokamsky RMZ manufactures the full scope of products used to implement the In-line Haylage technology: balers, high-speed bale wrappers, roll cutting machines, and FRONTLIFT front-end loader. The technology is already used by farmers from 50 Russian regions.

The Russian Field Day is the largest exhibition and a business forum aimed to demonstrate main achievement of agricultural production in Russia, advanced agricultural technologies, sharing experience of farmers. Agrofest Exhibition is the largest agricultural forum in Perm Krai, the region where Krasnokamsk agricultural machines are manufactured.
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