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Krasnokamsky RMZ received a Bulgarian delegation

In February Krasnokamsk Machinery and Repair Plant was visited by a delegation of farmers and dealers of agricultural machinery from Bulgaria. The main objective of the visit is to review manufacture of agricultural machinery at the plant and special features of in-line technology application. The visit was organized by the Trade Mission of the RF to the Republic of Bulgaria and Bulgarian Embassy to Russia.
The visit was organized by the Trade Mission of the RF to the Republic of Bulgaria and Bulgarian Embassy to Russia.

делегация сельхозпроизводителей и дилеров сельскохозяйственной техники из Болгари   

As the dealers of agricultural machinery noted, earlier in Bulgaria agricultural companies preferred European machines; now they have directed their eye to Russian manufacturers. A reason to visit Krasnokamsky RMZ was uniqueness of the in-line haylage technology. It allows farmers to overcome difficulties and drawbacks of the traditional system. Even in wet weather it is possible to conserve and preserve high-quality preservative-free grass forage.

At the plant the guests reviewed production of balers, high-speed bale wrappers, roll cutting machines, and FRONTLIFT front-end loader. 

Representatives of one of agricultural companies located in Kungursky district shared its experience in application of the in-line haylage technology. Experts of the Center for Assistance in Development of Dairy and Beef Stock Farming explain peculiarities of technology introduction to Bulgarian businessmen.

On the third visit day the delegation attended the Perm State Agro-Technological University. Scientists of the university develop scientific and research foundations of forage conservation technologies. Master of agriculture Mikhail Seregin explained special features of forage resource conveyor to increase milk yields.

делегация посетила Пермский государственный аграрно-технологический университет

During a meeting with management of the Perm Chamber of Commerce and Industry the guests were informed on business activities held in Perm Krai, and long-term cooperation of local businessmen and Bulgaria.

In course of a meeting representatives of the regional Center of Export Support answered to questions of foreign partners. They were interested in special aspects of customs clearance and logistics support. In addition, the guests were informed on an opportunity to recover a part of transportation costs when exporting agricultural machinery.

As a result of the visit dealer agreements were signed with Bulgarian sellers of agricultural machinery, farmers showed their interest in purchase of the machines manufactured by KRMZ.

Встреча с руководством Пермской торгово-промышленной палаты   Встреча с руководством Пермской торгово-промышленной палаты

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