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Krasnokamsky RMZ made the first supply of agricultural machinery to Bulgaria

Krasnokamsk Machinery and Repair Plant dispatched the roll-cutting machine to a farm located in Bulgaria. It is the first supply of agricultural machinery made by Krasnokamsky RMZ to Eastern Europe. United AGRO acted as a dealer in this transaction. The plant entered an export agreement with this company in 2018.
IRK-01.1 roll cutting machine is a part of equipment range intended for forage conservation under the in-line haylage technology, in particular, for cutting of haylage, hay, straw rolls and distribution of the feed directly in mangers when the roll cutting machine is moving along a feed passage.

The dealer agreement with United AGRO was signed after Bulgarian farm operators and dealers of agricultural machinery visited Krasnokamsky RMZ in February 2018. Experts from Eastern Europe studied the in-line haylage technology and highly appraised its advantages, and potential demand of Bulgarian farmers. 

"Farms in Bulgaria are actively developing. Managers of agricultural companies are looking for methods aimed to improve their efficiency. They face a choice: to buy machinery in Western Europe or in Russia", Dmitry Teplov, Director of Krasnokamsky RMZ, tells. – "Our machinery of the in-line haylage series outruns European analogues by output and is more cost efficient in view of consumables. In addition, agricultural machinery of Krasnokamsky RMZ is competitive by quality and price. Therefore, it is even more advantageous than European analogues and can successfully compete with them". 

All machines manufactured by Krasnokamsky RMZ intended for application of the in-line haylage conservation technology: balers, high-speed bale wrappers, and roll-cutting machines have international certificates. 

Using this equipment even in wet weather it is possible to conserve and preserve high-quality grass forage without preservatives. As experience has shown, the technology improves productivity of animals by 20-25%. In addition, price of diet is cut, and quality of milk improves. 

Krasnokamsky RMZ enters Perm machine building cluster. The cluster received its official status and support of the Ministry of Industry of the RF in July 2018. Companies of the cluster set a target to design demanded agricultural machines for Russian regions and to develop export and cooperation with countries of the CIS and Eastern Europe.
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