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Sanctions prevent Russian farmers from helping their Scandinavian colleagues

Farmers from Sweden and Norway ask Russian colleagues to sell grass forage. But since 2004 import of hay for animals from Russia to the European Union has been prohibited.

Official request were sent by the Association of Sweden Farmers and the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Norway. The letters were received by Krasnokamsk Machinery and Repair Plant manufacturing equipment for forage conservation under the advanced in-line haylage technology.

European farmers inform that they could not conserve enough forage for animals this year. They need hey, haylage, and silage in rolls packed in film in view of shortage of forage and succulent feeds in the country due to drought. For example, in Sweden July was the hottest for the last 250 years. Drought and high temperatures covered all territory to the northern polar zone. 

Farmers from Perm Krai are ready to grant support to their European colleagues and to supply conserved by them forage. But Sweden customs authorities informed that they cannot accept hay as in 2004 the European Union adopted an act limiting a list of countries from which hay and straw can be supplied was. Supplies are permitted from Belarus, Canada, Croatia, Bulgaria, the USA and 8 more countries. Russia is under a banРоссия попала под запрет.  


"We are in a paradoxical situation: farmers of one country ask to help them, farmers of the other country are ready to grant assistance to themа but they cannot. Supply of haylage can be another export earner for Russian companies. For example, in our region – Perm Krai – large volumes of forage can be conserved and sent to other countries. By the way, in the early XX century thousand poods of hay were exported abroad from the Russian Empire", Dmitry Teplov, Director of Krasnokamsky RMZ, told. – "Information about the sanctions is published in mass media, actively discussed, but nobody remembers about the ban on export of grass forage. It would be a good solution if public authorities involve in removal of the ban and find a way out".  

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