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Farmers of the Komi Republic were represented new technologies of forage conservation

AgroSpetsMekhanika and the Ministry for Agriculture and Consumer Market of the Komi Republic held the workshop on relevant aspects of forage conservation in 2019 season aimed to improve productivity of a milking herd in Syktyvkar.

In the event managers of agriculture administrations and farm employees participated. Experts from six most remote districts joined the workshop by videoconference.

Anatoliy Knyazev, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Komi Republic – the Minister of Agriculture and Consumer Market of the Komi Republic, opened a plenary session.

At the workshop issues related to provision of animals with nutrients, approaches to their preservations, and introduction of new technologies in operating processes of agricultural companies were raised.

Employees of the Center for Assistance in Development of Dairy and Beef Stock Farming described prospects of the Persmskaya technology of in-line haylage making. It can be applied under any weather conditions reducing risks for agricultural companies. The technology allows farmers to preserve by 20% more of nutritive substances as opposite to traditional methods of conservation.

Set of machines used to apply the technology is manufactured by Krasnokamsky Machinery and Repair Plant. It includes balers, high-speed roll wrappers, roll cutting machines, and universal FRONTLIFT loaders. In 2018 all machines were certified for compliance with standards of the European Union.

High rating of the offered technology of forage conservation has been proved by results of Top Packed Haylage competition. Companies from 35 Russian regions participated in the competition. The Komi Republic nominated the greatest number of participants from one region. Agricultural companies from Primorsky Krai, Nizhny Novgorod region, and Perm Krai took first three places of the competition. Pravda Agricultural Production Cooperative (Ordinsky district of Perm Krai) became a winner.

A company from the Komi Republic — Istok Agricultural Production Cooperative — is among leaders of the region by milk yields in 2018. According to results of the competition winner’s representative will go for training in forage conservation to Europe.

The held workshop updated understanding about high-quality forage and methods of its conservation. Everybody who wants to get this information and to receive flow process charts and reference materials can buy a training video course on Conservation of efficient bulky feeds.

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