Introduction and support TEST
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Introduction and support TEST

Permskaya technology of in-line haylage making is not just a set of machines. It is a sequence of operations each of which must be performed subject to observance of rules. Only in this way you can finally get high-quality feeds that guarantee productivity and health of your livestock.

Let’s introduce the technology together

How to readjust operating processes? How to train people? How to maintain machines? Farms that decided to introduce the technology of Permskaya technology of in-line haylage making face many problems.

Center of Methodic Support to Customers of Kransokamsky RMZ comes to the rescue. Experts of the Center will make the way of technology introduction on your farm together with you (no matter how many machines from the line you buy), arrange a new flow of operating processes, explain importance of meeting technology standards to each employee.

Center of Methodic Support to Customers of Kransokamsky RMZ will help to introduce the Permskaya technology at an agricultural company of any size.

Permskaya technology of in-line haylage making: process chemistry

Experts of the Center will explain processes occurring with the herbage at each stage of conservation: from mowing to transportation and storage of finished rolls, — chemical processes launched by each operation, their importance and a need to control.

It is required information for an agriculturer, livestock expert, chief engineer, and director/economist of an agricultural company: how successive adherence to rules of the in-line haylage making technology affects a result — nutritive value of feeds and profitability of a farm.

Evaluation of agricultural equipment. Redistribution of machines. Risk analysis

All range of agricultural machines manufactured by Krasnokamsky RMZ is perfect choice to implement the Permskaya technology of in-line haylage making but ideal situations occur quite rare on practice. Most often farmers buy the high-speed bale wrapper and cutting machines, and for other operations they plan to use equipment available on a farm (balers of other makes, tractors with attachments, etc.).

In this case objective of the center experts is to evaluate equipment fleet and to arrange operating processes using available machines. Advisers arrive to a farm, analyze a situation and develops a plan of introduction — step-by-step program of forage conservation.

If available equipment is insufficient to introduce the technology or available machines do not give the required result, experts of the Center assess risks — indicate to weak points in the process and give recommendation how to correct them.

Even after the first conservation cycle is completed customers are still granted support. Advisers will leave simple and clear instructions, checklists to support results of each conservation stages — farmers will be able to control introduction of the technology by themselves using the previously prepared instructions and recommendation. Should any questions arise, they can contact the Center of Methodic Support to Customers of Kransokamsky RMZ by phone or through the website.

Training of employees and adjustment of processes on a farm

Experts of the Center will held initial start-up of the equipment used to conserve in-line haylage together with you. They will explain importance to meet standards of the technology (temporary, technical, organizational) to employees and control a result at each stage, from mowing to transportation of rolls, and answer to all arisen questions.

Experts of the Center of Methodic Support to Customers of Krasnokamsky RMZ will leave simple instructions on adjustment of processes and everyday maintenance to machine operators.

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