The Best Haylage in Packaging
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The Best Haylage in Packaging

We invite farmers to participate in Federal Competition Top Packed Haylage!

Federal competition Top Packed Haylage is annual selection of the best Russian forage conserved under the Packed Haylage technology (in any of its version).

Every year the competition is started in June-July, in the midst of a forage conservation season, and completed in December. A competition winner is awarded with training on leading farms in one of European countries.

Competition organizers: Perm Research Institute for Agriculture (Perm Research Center of Ural Department of the Russian Academy of Science), Center for Assistance in Development of Dairy and Beef Stock Farming with support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF.

General partner of Top Packed Haylage competition is Krasnokamsky RMZ, manufacturer of agricultural machines used in the Permskaya technology of in-line haylage making.

Objectives of the competition:

  • Development of farmers’ interest to innovative methods of forage conservation allowing them to preserve maximum nutritive substances.

  • Identification and sharing of best practices of packed haylage conservation.

  • Development of high forage production culture.

Procedure of Top Packed Haylage competition

Top Packed Haylage competition

I tour

Every farmer using the packed haylage technology can participate in the first regional tour.

II tour: Top packed haylage

Winners of regional competition tours are decided basing on data of laboratory analyses: by availability and quantity of the dry substance, exchange energy, crude protein, and crude fiber in forage.

III tour: Strict compliance with the technology

Winners of a federal tour are decided by photos and videos of forage conservation process and estimation of economic performance per ruble invested in ration. Results of the third round are held at the end of the year.

We will provide information about beginning of Top Packed Haylage competition in 2019 season — follow news on our website.