Service center
Hot line for forage conservation

Service center

Krasnokamsky RMZ Service Center is a partner and an assistant in implementation, operation, maintenance and repair of machinery for haylage harvesting through using Permskaya packaging technology.

The machinery will be first run together with us. Specialists from the Service Center will hold special on-site training courses for farm machinery operators on how to operate new equipment whereat they will tell about:

  • functionality of each machine and its role in a chain of processes for harvesting and conservation of high-quality forage,
  • occupational safety;
  • daily and off-season maintenance.

We will make sure that farm workers have mastered the operation of new equipment and are able control the working processes.

It may happen so that teams of operators change from season to season –so, we are ready to visit your farming facilities for giving training to new workers.

Warranty and maintenance

Each day of clear weather is valuable when harvesting by using Permskaya packaging technology, and

an idle non-working machine is a direct threat to the quality of feed, and, therefore to the entire life of the farm in autumn and winter.

Within the first two years of operation, the machinery is repaired under warranty provided that the machinery was timely and correctly serviced. Any problem that may arise will be solved jointly through our remote assistance. In most complicated cases, either our specialists or specialists from our dealer company will visit your farm and solve the problem on site.

We make sure that our dealers have components, parts, and supplies always in stock. Thus, delivery of spare parts from 70 Russian regional dealers of Karsnokamsky RMZ will take from 1 to 7 days.

Spare parts are delivered within Russia and to other countries through trucking operators, airline companies or rail carriers.

For further information concerning operation, maintenance and repair of the farming machinery you may contact our Service Center specialists by phone +7 (342) 255 49 63 (toll-free) or by e-mail:

Сергей Улитин

Sergey Ulitin, Head of the Service Center

"It is not enough just to sell equipment; it is important to maintain its smooth operation. Any machine is valuable only when it performs its tasks. Every day counts during the period of forage conservation, so we are always within call for customers who have bought our agricultural machinery»