The provisions of the competition "The Best Haylage In Packaging" for 2019
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Provisions of competition-2019

We will provide information about beginning of Top Packed Haylage competition in 2019 season — follow news on our website.

1. Competition organizers

1.1.  Competition organizers are Perm Federal Research Institute of Ural Department of the Russian Academy of Science, Center for Assistance in Development of Dairy and Beef Stock Farming.

2. General provisions

2.1.  Top Packed Haylage competition is all-Russian remote competition in conservation of basic feeds for farm animals (hereinafter - the Competition).

2.2.  Official website of the Competition on the Internet:

2.3.  E-mail of the Competition:

2.4.  A participant sending a package of documents for the competition grants participant’s consent to all Provisions on the Competition, and consent to processing of personal data of the participant according to Federal Law No. 152 on Personal Data, posting of competition results on the website, and newletters

2.5.  Decisions on all issues not specified in these Provisions shall be made by the Organizers subject to interests of Competition participants.

3. Objectives and tasks of the Competition

3.1.  Development of high forage conservation culture.

3.2.  Identification and sharing of best practices of packed haylage conservation.

3.3.  Development of farmers’ interest to innovative methods of forage conservation allowing them to preserve maximum nutritive substances.

4. Participants of the Competition

4.1.  All Russian farmers, irrespectively of a form of incorporation, are invited to participate in the competition.

4.2.  Organizations conversing forage for live-stock animals under the packed haylage technology are admitted to participate in the competition.

4.3.  Participation in the Competition is voluntary.

5. Organization of the Competition

5.1.  Forage is conserved on farms of the Participants.

5.2.  Entry lists, interim and final results, and awarding information are put to notice of interested parties and organizations by e-mail and posting of information on the Competition website.

5.3.  Winners of the Competition are selected by an Organizing Committee without involvement of the Participants, basing on provided by the Participants materials (lists, questionnaires, analysis results, photos / videos).

6. Registration in the Competition

6.1.  To participate in the Competition it is required:

  • by 31 October 2019 regions form lists of Participants according to form No. 1 List of agricultural companies conserving the packed haylage;

  • by 15 November 2019 the Participants fill in self-assessment sheets (Exhibits No. 2 and №3) describing process of packed haylage conservation, to be provided to a federal operator;

  • by 15 November 2019 the Participants submit analysis results of packed haylage conserved in season 2019 to regional operators.

6.2.  Every participant is allowed to file several applications.

6.3.  Applications are accepted by e-mail:

6.4.  Sending statistical information, photos and videos the Participants agree that these materials can be used for publication in mass media.

7. Holding of the Competition

7.1.  The Competition is held once per year, in three tours.

— I tour Packed Haylage conservation


  • To monitor prevalence of packed haylage technology application;

  • To monitor volume of packed haylage conservation.


List of winners is made by regional agriculture offices and sent to the federal operation of the Competition by e-mail:

All participants are acknowledged to be diploma winners of the Competition due to use of the innovative Packed Haylage technology.

Assessment criteria:

  • Fact of forage conservation under the Packed Haylage technology;

  • Filled-in form No. 1 List of agricultural companies conserving Packed Haylage.

— II tour Top Packed Haylage


  • To monitor quality of forage conserved under the Packed Haylage technology;


The tour is held by regional operators (list of operators can be found on the Competition website). If there is no operator in a region, competitors can send competition materials directly to the Organizing Committee.

In each region 3 Competition awardees are selected. Participants with the highest quality indices of packed haylage proved by data of laboratory analyses are acknowledged to be the awardees.

Assessment criteria:

  • Certificate of quality for a selected lot (Exhibit No.2);

  • Results of laboratory analyses:
    Dry substance;
    Exchange energy;
    Crude protein;
    Crude fiber.

— III tour Strict compliance with the Packed Haylage technology (Exhibit No.3);


To monitor strict compliance with the Packged Haylage technology;


An absolute winner of the Competition shall be decided basing on the provided by the Participants self-assessment sheets, if possible, attaching to the questionnaire photos and videos that prove strict compliance with the Packed Haylage technology.

Assessment criteria:

  • Score system described in Exhibit No.3

  • Availability of the provided photos and/or videos showing performed technological operations and essential factors effecting quality of packed haylage, increases a number of scores for the questionnaire by 1.5 times:
    Plan for conservation of packed haylage;
    Photos showing the vegetative stage;
    Photos showing cutting height of plants;
    Records showing starting time and duration of each technological operation (mowing with squashing, turning, swathing, swath gathering, loading of rolls, packing);
    Photos of the herbage humidity measuring method;
    Records of herbage wilting duration;
    Photos of roll exterior;
    Records showing technique of edge line hermetic sealing (if a linear wrapper is used);
    Photos of all items of equipment used in conservation of packed haylage;
    Copies of documents confirming due time maintenance of the equipment;
    Photos of empty storage area;
    Photos of the storage area filled with packed haylage.

7.2.  The Center for Assistance in Development of Dairy and Beef Stock Farming grants its support in organization and methodology issues.

7.3.  Partners of the Competition provide prizes for Competition winners.

8. Competition categories

8.1.  The Competition is held in categories as follows:

  • Top Packed Haylage

  • Strict Compliance with the Technology

9. Strict Compliance with the Technology

9.1. Materials provided for the Competition are assessed using the score system. Exhibit No. 3 Sheet of technology compliance assessment.

9.2.  Participants that score the most become winners of the Competition.

9.3.  All participants of Top Packed Haylage competition receive certificates of participation. The certificates are handed in at regional meetings held to discuss results of forage conservation season-2018.

9.4.  Winners of the II regional tour of Top Packed Haylage competition receive winner’s diplomas of I, II, III degrees.

9.5.  Winners of the III All-Russian tour Strict Compliance with Packed Haylage Technology receive diplomas of I, II, III degrees. An absolute winner of the Competition is awarded with training in one of European countries.

9.6.  A certificate for training in Europe is raffled among all participants of the Competition.