Competition results 2018
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Competition results 2018

Results of Top Packed Haylage competition-2018

Top Packed Haylage competition was supported by ministries of agriculture from 35 regions. Results were announced at workshop High-quality bulky feeds – a key to successful cattle breeding held in Moscow within scopes of AgroFarm Exhibition.

All presented by competitors samples of conserved forage were analyzed in a laboratory. Parameters effecting its quality: dry substance, exchange energy, content of protein and fiber, were checked. In addition, judges assessed accuracy of compliance with the technology.

Best results were shown by a milk producer from Perm Krai — Pradva SP, Orda village.

The second and third places were taken by farms: Plekhanova E.V. family farm (Nizhny Novgorod region) and Rachenkov R.Yu. family farm (Primorsky Krai).

Agricultural company Nebdinsky LLC (Republic of Udmurtia) became the forth in the competition, the fifth place was taken by Istok SPK that was among leaders of the Komi Republic in 2018 by milk yields per cow. The winner will go to Europe for training.

"In in-line haylage making weather conditions do not affect quality of forage, equipment operates quite efficiently even in the wet weather. Preservatives are not used in forage conservation as the technology itself guarantees preservation of haylage due to high-quality tying and compaction. What is most important is that the technology is cheap and cheerful. High-quality forage conservation enables efficient operation, gaining profit, and increase in milk yields. Surely, it is required to comply with the technology, to observe work-out recommendations" Grigoriy Bannikov, Director of Pravda SPK, told.