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Presentation of KRMZ products to trade representatives in 4 countries

Krasnokamsky RMZ participated in a representation of export potential of Perm Krai within scopes of the Week of Trade Representatives in Russia. The event was visited by trade representatives of the RF in the USA, Mongolia, Egypt, and Indonesia.
Krasnokamsk Plant represented all range of agricultural machinery: FRONTLIFT front-end loaders, STL warehousing equipment, Expedition car trailers.

Forage conservation machinery and FRONTLIFT loaders are certified according to standards of the European Union. The set of Krasnokamsk machines is unique: it outruns European analogues by output and is more cost efficient in view of consumables. In addition, agricultural machinery of Krasnokamsky RMZ is competitive by quality and price. Trade representative of the RF to the USA Ali-Zade Israfil Rauf ogly highly appreciated advantages of Krasnokamsk machinery and noted that agricultural machinery industry was a promising export direction for Perm Krai.

KRMZ products are exported to the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Bulgaria. ‘Meetings with trade representatives of Russia in other countries are very important for companies oriented to export, Director of Krasnokamsky RMZ Dmitry Teplov is sure. – It is the opportunity to show advantages of our products and to identify prospects of entrance to markets of particular countries. We are persistently searching for new market outlets for our machinery and opened to offers from all over the world.

Презентации продукции КРМЗ торговым представителям в 4 странах
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